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Situation Sculpture


Situation Sculpture #18.46 (The Flying Stump)

Situation Sculpture #18.46 (The Flying Stump), 2015


begun September 4, 2015
Currently on view until further notice.
Viewing hours are constant.

Northwest corner of 43rd Street and Ella Boulevard, Houston, Texas
GPS: 29.8283, -95.42969
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At approximately 5:04 AM CT, The Art Guys realized "Situation Sculpture #18.46 (The Flying Stump)," the third in an ongoing series of situation sculptures.

Situation Sculpture #18.46 (The Flying Stump)

This situation no longer exists. (Concluded on September 20, 2015.)

Situation Sculpture is a series of works by The Art Guys.
Situation Sculpture is a new form of sculpture that depends on the circumstances.
Situation Sculpture is unencumbered by time, space, authorship or other constraints.
Situation Sculpture
is a preview of things to come.

"The world is full of objects, more or less interesting; I do not wish to add any more. I prefer, simply, to state the existence of things in terms of time and/or place." - Douglas Huebler

"I decided a long time ago that the less I do, the more of an artist I am." - David Hammons

"It's better than nothing." - The Art Guys

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