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Jim Roche
The Basic Rules


an exhibtion of drawings, audio and video

Saturday, October 18, 2014
7:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m.

The Art Guys World Headquarters
5757 Knox Street
Houston, Texas 77091

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exhibtion continues through Tuesday, October 28, 2014
after the opening, exhibtion open by appointment only

installation views of exhibtion and exhibtion opening images

Description of exhibition and statement by Jim Roche

links to various works

Selected drawings, sculpture,installations

"I like drawings where you don’t have confines. No constraints, you just have at it. Get the idea down, quickly, make sure that it’s readable and make sure that someone doesn’t have to know art for them to know what you’re talking about. Do a drawing anyone can understand". - Jim Roche

Video works







Sniffer Gets A Job
Multiple Voices 1986-1993, DVD

Flue Mask
Multiple Voices 1986-1993, DVD

Who Ya'll Be Vote'in For?
Multiple Voices 1986-1993, DVD

High Octane Generation
not dated
Multiple Voices 1986-1993, DVD

Brother Jim
(full version) 1991
from "Silence of the Lambs"

Unknown Tongue
not dated
Multiple Voices 1986-1993, DVD

Audio works

Learning To Count (1982)

From the LP "Learning to Count"
(Hard Line, 1982)
Produced by the Morgan Art Gallery, Shawnee Mission, Kansas
Many thanks to Ubu Web.

Selections from "Learning To Count":

Bubble Blower (1972)
Straight Razor (1972)
Hippies Are Living Proof (1971)
Fight It Out (1972)

"The relationship with Paula Cooper started when I played my performance work in 1972 and ’73, I believe. I was so scared and so embarrassed when I played them; in the audience were bob Morris, Charlemagne Palestine, Lucas Samaras, Lynda Benglis, all these people. I had to leave the room as I played it. I played pieces that were hard then and they are hard now. “’Fight It Out.’ Did one about the trees, and one where I am just railing away at people with alligator shoes and everything like that. So, I am in the other room. The tape ends. There is just dead silence. Then there was a tremendous explosion of applause." - Jim Roche


"[In the mid-1970's] I sat down on the banks of the San Joaquin River on a 115 degree summer afternoon just north of Fresno, California with a small tape recorder and played Jimmy Roche's sound piece of absolute racial certainty 'Fight It Out' for the late Grover Lewis, Texas writer about music (and everything else) extraordinaire. And Grover, who had twichy mega-coke bottle eyeballs and did not seem particularly prone to laugh, screamed like a wild banshee and rolled down the banks of the river into the water gasping hysterically like some 'Punkin Pie-face' something out of Mark Twain." - Terry Allen



"Jim Roche: Glory Roads"

2011, Florida State University Press
available on Amazon

Published in conjunction with Jim Roche's retrospective exhibition of the same title at the Museum of Fine Arts, Florida State University, 2011.

Essays and contributions by:

Terry Allen
Lynda Benglis
Hugh M. Davies
Jonathan Demme
Dave Hickey
Mark Hinson
Richard Koshalek
DK Roberts
William Wegman




"Roche was riding north on one of Florida's iconic, moss-drape, oak- lined, two-lane canopy roads when he decided to twist the throttle and really see what the new bike could do. A friend was behind him on another motorcycle. God knows how fast he was going. That's when a full-grown deer – not a fawn, not Bambi, not a glorified greyhound with antlers – stepped directly into Roche's high-speed path and froze. While most people would have instinctually slammed on the brakes and taken the deadly asphalt alternative or oak-tree oblivion, Roche pulled the throttle higher. Roche was going so fast he cut the buck in half 'like a howitzer hit him' before finally losing control of the bike and, many yards later, spilling over backwards onto the highway. 'It was just a spray of brown,' reported Roche's friend, who witnessed the whole thing. Roche's helmet and protective gear saved his life. But the wreck left him with several broken bones and a big metal rod in his leg. He also claims that the road's thwack to the back of his helmeted head 'cleared up my sinuses, which had been bothering me since my last motorcycle crash in Baja nearly 20 years before that.' " - Mark Hinson, writer, Tallahasee Democrat

Jim Roche bio and resumé


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