Four plaques will be mounted on the pedestal, one for each face. The plaques will be made of cast bronze or aluminum with raised-letters text in the traditional manner of historical plaques.

Front Plaque
The plaque on the front face of the pedestal would be a brief history of the person depicted in the statue including personal facts, family history, age, occupation, and a statement from that person.

Right Side Plaque
The plaque on the right side of the monument will be a copy of Huey P. Long's composition "Every Man A King" from which the project derives its name.

Left Side Plaque
The plaque on the left side of the monument will explain the project, history, background, and will include a statement by The Art Guys.

Back Plaque
The plaque on the back of the pedestal will be a dedication plaque with information about the funders and other appropriate entities involved with the project.

Plaque1 (front)
history/biography of the person depicted
Plaque 2 (right side)
explanation of project
Plaque 3 (left side)
lyrics from "Every Man A King"

Plaque 4 (back)
credits and time capsule information



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